Sunday, November 21, 2010

Globalization and the media

Defining Globalization: 

Globalization involves the increasing interconnectivity of separate nations in areas of business and trade. 

Globalization and cultural imperialism are inherently linked. Globalization is the causal factor that leads to cultural imperialism. Cultural imperialism comes from the idea of political Imperialism which reached its peak in the 19th century. Imperialism occurred as powerful countries conquered and colonized other countries. They claimed political sovereignty over said countries and took over economically as well as politically. The idea of Cultural Imperialism is similar in that it involves one country influencing another country by injecting the more powerful nation's culture into the other. This naturally involves the dissemination of the more powerful nation's ideals and principles into the other culture. Globalization allows Cultural Imperialism to exist in its current form. If not for the fairly open world trade market and increase of international communication through internet and other technological advancement, Cultural Imperialism could clearly not have the same wide reaching and influential effect. Cultural Imperialism may be a flawed term because countries are likely to take the ideas of other countries and adapt them based on their own understanding of the world. 

One example from the communications industry that shows globalization's massive effect on cultural imperialism is the popularization of MTV throughout the world. MTV was based in America and launched in 1981. Since then MTV has begun to operate in over 45 countries around the world including Ukraine, Indonesia, and Pakistan. MTV has 16 channels in the UK. Because MTV is American owned, western beliefs and culture are spread into other countries that have MTV. Globalization has allowed American corporations to own and produce television for dozens of other countries. MTV is just one example of globalization leading to cultural imperialism. 

Globalization is the 

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