Friday, November 5, 2010


Advertising has changed significantly in the last fifty years. Early ads printed their brand names in huge letters that you absolutely could not miss. Brands today have become trademarks to the extent that they hardly need to tell you the brand name at all. The image content is enough. I think that Burberry's advertising is extremely effective. The ad I picked is a Burberry Brit ad that features four young people, one of whom is Emma Watson. The color palette is neutral and the clothing is androgynous. Three of the four models wear khaki colored trench coats and the fourth wears a sweater.  The trademark Burberry print appears on scarves, the collar of Emma Watson's jacket, and on one models scarf. Instead of big print letters, Burberry relies on the fame of their classic print to advertise for them. The models all stare defiantly and directly at the camera with classic model pouts. The background is a wrought iron fence that does not take away from the models. The focus is the faces of the models. 

I think this ad is successful because the simplicity of its design. The models have interesting faces and seem to be challenging the viewer. Sort of like, "I'm British and awesome- how can you resist buying Burberry?" The neutral tones of color are very appealing and easy on the eyes. The photography is also very successful and I like the lighting.  The models are interesting and Emma Watson adds star power. Burberry ads do not scream at you to buy their product, it challenges you to resist. Viewers of this ad can easily come to the conclusion that if they resist joining the models in wearing all Burberry then they are the absolute antithesis of cool. This ad says, "We are young, beautiful, and British. You can be all these things too if you just join us and buy tre' cool, neutral toned clothing and stand around sulking". Who could resist that logic? 

Advertising Appeal: Sex, affiliation. 

Selling sex is an extremely effective method of advertising because the viewer's attention is instinctually drawn to the image. Essentially, sex appeal in advertising boils down to the fact that advertisers use attractive models to sell their products. Both males and females are impacted by this type of advertising. Also, sex appeal is effective across age groups. Sex appeal grabs the attention of the audience. It can be extremely explicit or more subtle. Affiliation is linking the audience viewer to whomever is in the ad. 


Though Burberry usually leaves its models mostly or completely clothed, they definitely lean on sex appeal for advertising. The models they pick elicit a certain amount of sex appeal. They are young, beautiful, and powerful. The photos they choose feature seductive poses and facial expressions. Emma Watson adds a level of affiliation to the ad. She is extremely famous from the Harry Potter movies and instantly recognizable. People want to buy the product because she is selling it. 

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