Sunday, September 26, 2010

Technological Change spurs Development of Radio

I think technological change was the most influential factor in the development of the radio industry because it allowed the creation of radio as a product that could be accessed by the masses.
Technological innovation is critical to media in that it opens the door for new means of communication. From speech and writing to telegraphs and television, innovation has been necessary for the development of all media. Radio as an international forum of communication would have been impossible if not for the technology that was created that allowed broadcasting. If not for this technology, the radio “boom” of the 1920’s, onwards until the 1950’s could never have occurred. A technology is invented, a patent is created for the product, and then the technology is turned into a marketable product. If the product is popular, then more technologies emerge from the original, attempting to improve it. Radio technology continued to evolve with the emergence of FM radio. This allowed more companies to be involved with radio and more specific types of audiences in the population to be targeted.
         The technological emergence of broadcast technology began the evolution of the U.S. Radio system. First, radio was viewed as a utilitarian means of communication especially after radio helped save survivors of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.  As a warning for ships or a way for the military to pass messages, radio proved useful.  When the technology for FM radio was invented, more channels could be broadcast in the same area. Although entertainment radio did pre-date FM, this technology gave rise to a number of different radio stations in the same area that would play different shows and types of music. This also allowed radio stations to target certain sections of the populace. Radio was a product that created thousands of consumers within a few years of its invention. It is clear that without the emergence of radio technology, the Radio Boom of the 1920’s could not have occurred.

#1 Song of 1925: "Sweet Georgia Brown" by Ben Bernie

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