Sunday, August 29, 2010

RTF305- Why I'm taking it, what I hope to learn

     Nearly everyone in my generation has been surrounded by media from the moment we were born. TV shows, computer games, and films designed for my generation have been available since the time we were able to comprehend them. I learned some of the most fundamentally important lessons of growing up from media. As I got older, English became my favorite subject.  I began to discover the power of words through novels, advertising, newspaper, etc. and to learn about the historical consequences of media. Studying topics like Mao's use of media in the cultural revolution in China in the 1960's & 1970's and Hitler's use of propaganda as an aid in the rise of the Nazi party made me wary about the danger of mass media.  Naturally, this complete and constant immersion in electronic media has engendered a certain fascination in the subject. I believe in the power of the media as an amazing tool in society and I want to learn about the various aspects of media as such a tool. I want to work in the film industry and media studies is a necessary topic to master in order to excel in the fields of screen writing and or film. Because I am interested in the evolution of media, its place and purpose in society, and working in the film industry, I believe RTF305 will be a valuable course.  I hope to deepen my understanding of these subjects during the semester. 

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